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EUCYT Promotes Translational Cell Scientist Expert to Chief Scientific Officer

The team at EUCYT is proud to announce Tammy C. Luttrell, MSPT, Ph.D., CWS, FCCWS, has been promoted to Chief Scientific Officer. Luttrell’s advancement follows her initial stint as Vice President of Product Development beginning last August.

The promotion also highlights our commitment to encouraging the need for more women to join science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) careers.

“I’m truly blessed to be part of such a wonderful team here in Las Vegas. This is a fabulous opportunity for me personally and for our city and university partners,” said Luttrell. “With the EUCYT proprietary technology platform, we have the opportunity to truly bring bench science to the bedside and significantly improve the quality of life for patients and, at the same time, continue to push the forefront of applied science. Biological science will pave the way for continued improvement in medicine. It will allow me to focus even more intensely on the wonderful advancements our company is making in generative medicine and health. I also hope it shows just how much of a contribution women can make in STEM careers and encourage them to seek out such roles.”

Luttrell brings more than 30 years’ experience, in international regenerative medicine research, primarily in the trauma, burn and wound care space. As the Chief Scientific Officer, she will continue leading EUCYT’s important development of a potential treatment for COVID-19-positive patients called COVIXO.

COVIXO is a mesenchymal stem-cell-derived therapy that harnesses the power of the immune system to augment the body’s natural response to invading pathogens such as severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2, the causative agent behind COVID-19. For information visit:

“This promotion shows just how important Dr. Luttrell’s contributions have been to a potential treatment for COVID-19 and the EUCYT team’s projects in general,” said Chief Executive Officer, Travis H. Bird. “She brings three decades of wound and burn care emphasis which is a perfect complement to the regenerative medicine work we’re doing to define the future of and heal patients, not just treat them.”

Luttrell’s extensive career includes helping revamp inner-city Las Vegas’ Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center’s RESTORE Wound Care Center/BRCA Burn Unit. She also is a physical therapy doctoral program adjunct faculty member at Colorado University in Denver and has owned her own consulting firm since 2000, where she handles special projects for the states of Colorado and Arkansas, including legal medical case reviews, wound center consultations and staff trainings. She also provides educational presentations and lectures domestically and internationally pertaining to wound healing and skin diseases.